Results from the Mile High XC

1999 Sunlight BC Cup XC #3
July 4, 1999 - Silver Star Mountain BC

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The BC Cup points standings are maintained by Cycling BC

Heat #1
Veteran Beginner Men
Senior Beginner Men
Master Sport Men
Cadet Sport Men
Peewee Men
Minime Men
Minime Women
Citizen Men 19-29
Citizen Men 30+
Citizen Men 15-18
Citizen Men 10-14
Citizen Women 30+
Senior Beginner Women
Master Women
Junior Women
Cadet Women

Heat #2
Master Expert Men
Cadet Expert Men
Veteran Sport Men
Senior Sport Men
Junior Sport Men
Senior Sport Women
Veteran Sport Women

Heat #3
Senior Pro-Elite Men
Veteran Expert Men
Senior Expert Men
Junior Expert Men
Senior Pro-Elite Women
Senior Expert Women